Fast Food Menu Manager: Launched

December 10, 2010

We love working with new APIs! One of our clients that does digital signage, asked us to make a custom web-based application that would allow for easy management of what menu items and prices appear on their digital displays. The software they had in place, Scala’s Content Manager, was quite powerful, but hard to use by the average restaurant manager. Fortunately, Scala also provides a flexible SOAP based web service that allowed us to easily connect and manage the content using our own custom-built application.

Today we have officially launched the Fast Food Menu Manager application that runs on top of the Symfony framework and uses PHP’s built-in SOAP client functionality to communicate with Scala’s Content Manager. Our client can now manage what menus will appear on what screens, what the pricing will be, and which images will be used.

Since the application runs on the client’s internal network, we are unable to allow direct access to the application for everyone to see, but we can provide more screenshots upon request.

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