Used Rides: Launched

April 4, 2011

UsedRides is a brand new website that we just launched today! It is an auction-like used-cars website geared towards the Canadian used vehicles market. The website allows private sellers as well as dealerships to easily buy/sell vehicles, manage their auctions and complete deposit transactions online.

We were in charge of completing a few core functionalities focused on the billing and transaction processing, as well as backend administration:

  • Implemented calls to PayPal’s Express Checkout and Web Payments Pro APIs (using PayPal SDK SOAP API)
  • Automatically generating and sending out biweekly invoices
  • User, auction, and billing administration
  • Custom RSS feed generation (using Zend_Feed)

The site was built using CodeIgniter and while this framework may have been quite a hit when it came out a couple of years back, it really has not progressed much over the years, and as such, lacks some of the more robust ORM, forms, and templating functionality found in other, more mature frameworks such as Symfony or Zend. It’s main advantage (and why it was chosen) is that it is easy to learn and as such allowed all parties involved in the project to quickly pick it up and start developing.


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