Mantis Time Tracking and Billing Plugin

Are you looking to add more flexible time tracking and billing to your Mantis Bug Tracker installation? MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin provides advanced time tracking, billing and reporting features that can easily integrate with your bug tracker.



Mantis Time Tracking and Billing Plugin is an easy to install plugin for your bug tracking system. Here are some of the benefits you get right out of the box:

  • Just drop files into the MantisBT plugins folder and activate plugin – no hacking required!
  • Extends the built-in time tracking provided by MantisBT, and thus you will not be losing any previous time tracking data.
  • Increase/decrease tracked time without affecting the original time that was tracked. This allows you to easily track the actual time, but then adjust it to a higher or lower time depending on your billing needs.
  • Mark a bug note as reviewed.
  • Mark tracked time as billable and/or billed.
  • Finely tune permissions for each time tracking and billable field. (time, time adjustment, reviewed, billable, billed, etc.)
  • Generate custom HTML and Excel reports using a wide array of filters. (e.g. report only billable times in the last month)



A live demo website has been setup to allow for quick and easy evaluation of the plugin.

Two user accounts have been made available: developer and manager. In this demo, the developer can track regular time data when creating bug notes, while the manager can adjust the original times and also track which times are billable, reviewed, etc.

In order to get a good feel for how the plugin works, we would suggest that you create a few new issues in any of the projects and attach a few bug notes with corresponding times. You can then run the reports under “Pokret Billing” tab as a developer or as the manager to get a feel for how the reports look like and how different permissions allow developers to see the basic hours, while the manager can view the adjusted hours.

Demo URL:

Account Username Password
Developer developer developer
Manager manager manager


There are only a few requirements to get Issue Manager up and running:

  • PHP 5.2+
  • MantisBT 1.2.6+, 1.3.0+, 2.0.0+
  • Knowledge of how to install and configure a MantisBT plugin


Once you are ready to make the purchase, please proceed by filling out the domain name below and clicking on the “Buy Now” button.

A link to download the plugin will be emailed within 24 hours.

Product MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin
Price USD $29.99
Domain Name*

* NOTE: Required. You are purchasing a license to use the MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin for one specific Domain Name. If you wish to use the plugin on multiple domains or sub-domains, you will need to either purchase a separate license for each, or you can contact us directly for a multi-domain discount license.



  1. Installation: Upon purchasing the plugin, you will receive a compressed zip file that you can proceed to install on your Mantis-powered website. This is normally done by extracting the zip file into the plugins directory on the server. Then go to Manage > Manage Plugins and click on Install in the Available Plugins section to enable it. NOTE: Remember to disable the time tracking featured built into Mantis to ensure there are no conflicts and set all thresholds to NOBODY.
  2. Configuration: Go to Manage > Manage Plugins and click on Pokret Billing. Tick the checkbox beside those features you want enabled, and set the appropriate threshold permissions.


We provide free upgrades and bug fixes for all products within the first 3 months of purchase.

If you come across any bugs in the software, please report them as soon as you can, so that we can provide a fix. See the Contact Us section on how you can get in touch with us.