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Mantis Time Tracking and Billing Plugin: Released

August 19, 2011

We use the good old Mantis Bug Tracker internally to keep track of all our projects. Over time, we put together an advanced time tracking and billing plugin to help us to manage our time better and track billable hours for our clients. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may consider giving our MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin a try. We find it very simple to… Read more →

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WordPress Online Magazine Manager Plugin: Released

July 7, 2011

We finally took the time to carefully package one of our internal products and release it to the public! You’ll hopefully like our¬†WordPress Online Magazine Manager Plugin that can now be easily evaluated through the demo site we have setup. It is simple to install (like any other WP plugin), and requires no configuration. WordPress Magazine Manager Plugin is a web-based magazine solution. Here are some of the benefits right… Read more →

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