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Fast Food Menu Manager: Launched

December 10, 2010

We love working with new APIs! One of our clients that does digital signage, asked us to make a custom web-based application that would allow for easy management of what menu items and prices appear on their digital displays. The software they had in place, Scala’s Content Manager, was quite powerful, but hard to use by the average restaurant manager. Fortunately, Scala also provides a flexible SOAP based web service… Read more →

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Future Global Leadership: Now Supports Cyrillic

March 4, 2010

There was an urgent request to add a Serbian-Cyrillic version of the content to the Future Global Leadership website. It was kind of redundant to add Serbian-Cyrillic content to the site, since Serbian-Latin was already in place and because the character mapping between the two alphabets is 1:1. However, because Serbian-Cyrillic is considered to be the true Serbian alphabet, a lot of the visitors wanted a truly Serbian version of… Read more →

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Future Global Leadership: Launched

January 25, 2010

Using PHP & Symfony as a platform for rapid application development the content from the existing site was extracted and turned into an easy to manage CMS solution. The website supports multilingual content, includes an XHTML compliant WYSIWYG editor, and can be easily extended in the future. By building on top of open source technologies (Linux, PHP, Apache, Symfony, etc.), the client is never tied down to only one vendor.… Read more →

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New Meadowlands Stadium: Integrated custom CMS

January 13, 2010

After a successful launch in November, our team was engaged in completing the second phase of the project. The main requirement here was to add the ability to administer key parts of the website using a CMS. Symfony was used to build this CMS since it could easily integrate into an existing PHP website without requiring all the content to be migrated to the new CMS. Symfony Partials were used… Read more →

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