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Cordon Media: New Landing Page

August 17, 2010

Before proceeding to market its services, Cordon Media Inc. wanted to spruce up it’s portfolio website with new content and a fresh look. The site was already built using WordPress, so we took the design given to us by Cordon Media Inc., and turned it into a new theme. The front page now stands out from the rest of the site with a different color scheme and the contact form… Read more →

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New Meadowlands Stadium: Launched

November 6, 2009

After the original contractor left the website half finished, we took on the responsibility to implement the remaining changes and launch the website. Considering that the new Meadowlands Stadium (for which the website was built) is the second largest NFL stadium, a lot of attention was given to the tiniest of details. The site was not only made compatible with all the major browsers (FF, IE6/7/8, Opera, Safari, Chrome), but… Read more →

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