Mantis Time Tracking and Billing Plugin: Released

August 19, 2011

We use the good old Mantis Bug Tracker internally to keep track of all our projects. Over time, we put together an advanced time tracking and billing plugin to help us to manage our time better and track billable hours for our clients. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may consider giving our MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin a try. We find it very simple to use and a lot of our clients find the reports very helpful when doing cost analysis.

Here are some of the benefits you get right out of the box:

  • Just drop files into the MantisBT plugins folder and activate plugin – no hacking required!
  • Extends the built-in time tracking provided by MantisBT, and thus you will not be losing any previous time tracking data.
  • Increase/decrease tracked time without affecting the original time that was tracked. This allows you to easily track the actual time, but then adjust it to a higher or lower time depending on your billing needs.
  • Mark a bug note as reviewed.
  • Mark tracked time as billable and/or billed.
  • Finely tune permissions for each time tracking and billable field. (time, time adjustment, reviewed, billable, billed, etc.)
  • Generate custom HTML and Excel reports using a wide array of filters. (e.g. report only billable times in the last month)

Find out more about our MantisBT Time Tracking and Billing Plugin.

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