Cordon Media: New Landing Page

August 17, 2010

Before proceeding to market its services, Cordon Media Inc. wanted to spruce up it’s portfolio website with new content and a fresh look. The site was already built using WordPress, so we took the design given to us by Cordon Media Inc., and turned it into a new theme. The front page now stands out from the rest of the site with a different color scheme and the contact form… Read more →

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Taylor Wellness Arts: Reloaded

July 24, 2010

Taylor Wellness Arts is a virtual wellness center where visitors can book 1-on-1 virtual sessions with certified instructors. It also provides short instructional videos dealing with specific wellness issues that can be purchased through an online store. There were a couple of updates and modifications that the client wanted performed on the site, and we met those with a quick turnaround time. The first step was to rebrand the site… Read more →

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Microfinance Conference: Launched

July 13, 2010

After receiving the website design in form of Photoshop files (PSDs), a custom template was created and a Joomla site was setup within a couple of days. The site is fully XHTML compliant with a centered drop-down menu and works across all major browsers. Publishers can add/modify articles and pages directly through the website without having to login as administrators. A couple of key Joomla plug-ins were used in order… Read more →

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Corporate Class Inc: Major Improvements

April 7, 2010

The original Zen Cart based solution did not support password protected file downloads. As per client’s request the admin can now specify a username, password, and a file location for each downloadable file. Due to the monolithic plug-in architecture of Zen Cart this new functionality could not be packaged into a self-contained plug-in. The hosting provider had also temporarily disabled access to mailing servers due to countless email injection attacks… Read more →

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Future Global Leadership: Now Supports Cyrillic

March 4, 2010

There was an urgent request to add a Serbian-Cyrillic version of the content to the Future Global Leadership website. It was kind of redundant to add Serbian-Cyrillic content to the site, since Serbian-Latin was already in place and because the character mapping between the two alphabets is 1:1. However, because Serbian-Cyrillic is considered to be the true Serbian alphabet, a lot of the visitors wanted a truly Serbian version of… Read more →

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