Used Rides: Launched

April 4, 2011

UsedRides is a brand new website that we just launched today! It is an auction-like used-cars website geared towards the Canadian used vehicles market. The website allows private sellers as well as dealerships to easily buy/sell vehicles, manage their auctions and complete deposit transactions online. We were in charge of completing a few core functionalities focused on the billing and transaction processing, as well as backend administration: Implemented calls to… Read more →

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Ljudi Govore: Launched

March 19, 2011

What may seem like a simple WordPress website, Ljudi Govore actually pushes WP to its limits. Ljudi Govore is a printed literary magazine, well respected amongst Serbian literary critics. It was first published in 2008, and has since been releasing new issues quarterly. Readers of the magazine have been asking for a digital version of the content, and as such, we have been asked to create and deliver it to… Read more →

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Art For Everyday: Reloaded

March 4, 2011

Art For Everyday (AFE) is a company that creates architectural woodcarvings for use in homes. Its website has been in need of a refresh for a long time and they asked us to update the look and feel as well as the overall flow of the website. After receiving the web design, we proceeded to apply it as a WordPress theme: AFE’s blog section was revamped completely, to look more… Read more →

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Fast Food Menu Manager: Launched

December 10, 2010

We love working with new APIs! One of our clients that does digital signage, asked us to make a custom web-based application that would allow for easy management of what menu items and prices appear on their digital displays. The software they had in place, Scala’s Content Manager, was quite powerful, but hard to use by the average restaurant manager. Fortunately, Scala also provides a flexible SOAP based web service… Read more →

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Drastic Music: Launched

October 11, 2010

Using a newly created design for the Drastic Music website, we created a WordPress theme with an easy-to-use contact form and cool CSS mouseover effects. This was the first time we used WordPress 3.0 (which came out recently), and it worked like a charm! Menus and sidebars are now easier to create and manage than ever before. In retrospect, WordPress seems to be making great strides to make itself more… Read more →

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